Milwaukee, Day 2, June 2011

Day 2 of our weekend in Milwaukee was spent talking a walking tour of downtown.

You can see a few photos from our first evening here, and the food photos here. The first building we walked by, the Pabst mansion can be seen here, I do have a few more photos that I think turned out pretty well of Pabst building, but I'll save those for the doldrums of winter, when I need something to work on.

I carried my zoom lens with me the whole day, but never switched from the 50mm. It was my new toy that week, and I was excited to put it through the paces.

So, while if I had had the kit lens with me, I could have gotten a few more shots of entire buildings, leaving the fixed lens attached flexed my creativity.

The color of this red church is so eye-catching. You can see I lost the sky in the photo on the left. That 50mm grabs a ton of light, way more than I'm used to with the kit lens. The D40 doesn't have an ISO 100 option, and I also believe the metering wasn't set where I thought it was.

And that takes us partway down Wisconsin Avenue.