Where Have I Been?

This blog has been QUIET! For that I apologize. Where have I been you may ask? Work, Work, and more Work... and then my drive where I store my photos burned out. I lost everything from the summer and much of autumn I was waiting to work on over the doldrums of winter. I also spent much of my time away on a wedding's worth of photos to edit, but more on that in another post.

Time to start 2014 fresh... new photos, trying to settle on what is my style. What speaks to me and what feels right. What I want to present to you as a part of me. It is a tricky thing, to find your voice through images. There are days I crave solitude and quiet times. Many of my favorite photographs reflect time alone in my garden, on a hike by myself, or a quick car ride to local places I like to visit, just my camera and myself.

Winter has been long and cold in Wisconsin. But the days are getting longer and the sun is feeling warmer.