It's blah outside, all brown and gray. The colors of autumn have faded and the whites of winter have yet to arrive. I needed some color today, so I pulled up a photograph from late May to play with.

The flower subject in this photograph is a Baptisia blossom, one of my favorite plants out in the garden.

This first image has just a slight bump from adjusting the Levels, and a slight sharpen around the edges of the blossom. I flattened this image and used it as a base for the remain adjustments.

 This next image has a soft and gentle look. I used Morgan Kervin Photography's Lucky action., with just the vintage layer turned on.

The next image below I think has become my favorite this evening. Starting back with the initial image, I used Everyday Action's Georgia action. If I go back for more touch ups, I think I'd soften it a bit across the veins of the blossom.

I had one more to try. This is using CoffeeShop Blog's Creamy Toffee Latte action. It's bright and happy, while still being soft.