Garden Grown

The other day, I conducted a photo shoot in the back yard. The models were several of the last pumpkins to be harvested out of our garden this year.
Meet one of our La Estrella pumpkins. These are a tropical beauty, developed to be grown in Florida winters. When brought north, they nearly double in size.

Next, I grapped one of the Silver Edged Squash. While these will be unedible, that's fine for us. We carve 'em up with faces and roast the seeds. I can't wait.
Known for their green and white striping, when something scars the side of a fruit, the stripes will come together at that point. On this squash, it formed a butterfly tattoo on her side.
As time allows, I'll be grabbing more of our garden pumpkins for photographs, hopefully some of them before they are scared.
Update: the jar the seeds for the green and white squash calls them Thick Margin Silver Seed. Whether they are the same or very similar to a Silver-Edged Seed, I'll have to ask Jason, the pumpkin farmer in the house.