Project 52 Catchup

(yes, another catch-up post)

It turned out to be a bad year to start a Project 52. My full-time job has gone crazy busy. I don't know if any of these photos were taken in the proper week, but they were taken with the theme in mind. I think I will have to skip a few themes to even try to keep up the rest of the summer, or jump back into it this autumn. It's my project, and I won't feel guilty for not completely sticking to this original set-up. Life throws curve balls...I'm working on learning how to bat them out of the park. However, the curve balls are career related, and not photography related...

Week 22 - Looking In:
On a photo walk of downtown Milwaukee, the City Hall was closed. I stuck the lens right up on the glass of the door to shoot the photo.

Week 27 - Red, White, and Blue
Did you know I work on a cocktail blog with my husband? This was his Pousse Cafe creation for the holiday weekend post.

Week 26 - Lighting Experiment
This next photo was taken for a web project Jason is working on. I may not have been experimenting with light artificially, but I have been putting the new 50mm, f1.8 lens through its paces, taking lighting into account many times. I chose the following image of the neighborhood horses, I love the glowing edge the setting sun gives them and how that light glows through the tails.