Project 52 Catchup

I've been keeping up the taking the photos (for the most part), but haven't been great on getting them online to share. So I'll have April's photos all here in one long post.

Project 52.13 - Fools
Q and the cat are the goofiest members of the family.
Project 52.14 - Excitement
Miss P and her friends at our Kitty Birthday Party

Project 52.15 - Work
No, I don't work at The Weather Channel. But I do work in a Weather Media company.

Project 52.16 - Growth
It has been hard in our cold spring to see many signs of growth outside. These early spring flowers were one of the exceptions.

Project 52.17 - Trees
This is near Taliesin, along Hwy. 23. There area few crazy trees here. Someday I'll hang out roadside with a tripod and get a few more photos.

Project 52.17a - Trees
I intended for the trees near Taliesin to be the star for this theme. However this tree is near my aunt's house on top of the ridges in eastern Iowa. It is such a majestic tree, even when naked in early spring.