A Morning in the Garden

I stacked on all three of the magnifiers before taking a stroll through my gardens.

I'll start with a wood violet. Their season is almost done for the year. They have taken off like ganbusters in the shade under the pine tree limbs.
CoffeeShop Blog - Lustrous Pop action

Next is the start of my tall allium, there are two flowering stalks this year. This one is a bit behind the other in opening up.
Levels correction & Chasing Dreams Cabanel texture in Multiply and Overlay modes.
I love how this one turned out, this is what I was seeing as a final product while I was shooting the photograph. The grainy texture over a creamy background with a nice bright pop to the flower's portrait.

The last image for this evening is another flower bud. My standard irises are just starting to wake up. Unlike the above photo, this one isn't living up to expectations in post processing, might be due to the late hour, creativity is beginning to drain. Don't get me wrong, I do like it, but I feel there is more there. Don't be surprised to see a re-do in the doldrums of next winter.

Levels correction, CoffeeShop Little Perk,
Love That Shot textures Maiden in multiply and Fairy Rings in Overlay.