A Morning in the Garden, pt. 3

The final set of photos from the other morning.

We'll start with one of the violas.
I used 2 actions from Pioneer Woman, the Slightly lighten and Slightly sharpen

 Next up, this photo features raindrops on the leaves of my variegated daylily.
Levels correction, CoffeeShop's Little Perk action
 I'll end this series of photographs from my morning stroll through the gaden with another viola. I'm always amazed at these little guys, for the variety of colors I can get on their faces. My mom has a new variation this year, where they are very light on the outer edges and darker in the middle. I don't remember if they feature any yellow, or not.
CoffeeShop's Lustrous Pop action
Many thanks to the CoffeeShop Blog and to The Pioneer Woman.