A Before and After

I decided to go through a before and after of how I wanted to edit this photo of a Shooting Star.

Click through to see the process shots from beginning to end.

This is straight out of the camera, I only cropped it before saving
the image.

I used the Lustrous Pop action from The CoffeeShop Blog.
I like the color after this step, but wanted to add something more this morning. Who knows, next week, I may prefer it just like this.

CoffeeShop Old Whisk texture overlay, set to color burn @ 25%
BittBox vintage paper texture, set to Soft Light at 70%

I do like flower shots unadulterated, but there are times when a little more swag steps up the game a bit.

Many thanks to The CoffeeShop Blog and to BittBox for the freebies. The are lovely and greatly appreciated.
 - Cindy