A Foggy Morning, Part 3

With this grouping of photographs, I want to focus on the backwater reflections found on either side the road winding back through the State Riverway to the boat landing.

This first image was the scene of an argument between some geese on my way back out. I'll save their story for another post.

It really is spring here in Wisconsin. Though down in these trees and swampy backwaters, there was very little green to be found. The still morning left the water very smooth here.

I love the crooked treed. I have edited the colors of these photos for a more muted, vintage look. It really isn't a very pretty day down here, lots of grays and browns. But it was peaceful and serene.

This one was a tricky photo. I ended up cropping out what I thought I would like most. Just past the bottom edge of the photo, the water is rushing over a few limbs and debris build-up like a miniature waterfall. The dead leaves and such just didn't lend themselves to being photogenic on this day.