Project 52, 52.1

Project 52, 52.1, originally uploaded by WxMom.

Being real with myself, there is no way I would complete a 365 project, and be happy with it. There would be many just before midnight snapshots of my computer desk. But, I'm hoping to run thorugh a Project 52, instead. The blog from the Digital Photography School posted a list of weekly themes for Project52, so I decided to use those to keep things fresh each week.

This week was "cold." Hmmm, winter in Wisconsin, should be easy, just go outside. However, we lost almost all of our snow, and what is left is ugly and no fun to photograph. I wanted to play with window light, so I grabbed a glass from an antique shop in Cuba City for some ice water. After a few photos, I moved the water closer to the window, and was about to grab my magnifiers, when my cat decided to help me out. He sniffed the ice water, and tried to bat at the ice cubes. I was waiting for a drinking photo, but he never took a sip.

SOOC, except for the watermark.